Sunday, December 07, 2008


The snow's real and so is the reindeer, but it's not Lapland. We took some time off from packing, carrying and unpacking, to visit the Christmas market today in town and that's where these shots were taken. We're moving to the appartment next door, so we don't have to carry stuff so far, and the new place is nearly twice as big, so we can spread stuff out. For us it's a big change, the MOTH and I have lived in this two room appartment (= 1 bedroom, 1 sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and hall) for 17 years, the girls have lived here their whole lives, appart from weekends and holidays. The new appartment has four rooms, so we get a whole room each... well almost. Now I have to get on with some grading and then some more packing. I'll be back as soon as I can.


Mike & Ann said...

Whilst I don't envy you the job of moving, I know you've made the right decision. The girls need a bit more space, and so do you (both). Look forward to seeing the new home. Do understand about sparsity of blogging. You've still got loads of more important things on your plate. Keep in touch though. Much love, the parents (no, you're the parents now - the grandparents.)

Lori Skoog said...

Nea....Good for you, getting more space for one and all. You must be very happy. Love the photos and glad to see a new post. Hope all is well.

Lori Skoog said...

Nea...that was a quick response. Do you have much of a break over the holidays? I do feel better....still that tickle in my throat. It is only 15 degrees here today.
Best to all of you.

PI said...

Oh it will be great to have the extra space. You can never have enough and I still dream of finding a hidden room although we have an embarrassment for the two of us.
Love the REAL Christmas photos.
Have a great break over Christmas.

Nea said...

Pa, I should be getting on with things now... like writing Christmas cards, but I am going to sleep now and I'll get up early tomorrow and do them.

Hi Lori, we get a couple of weeks off over Christmas which will be perfect. Hopefully when we go back to school on January 7th we'll be properly moved in.

I'd love a hidden room too, Pat, I'd even settle for a priest hole. My father tod me about a priest hole he was shown a few months ago that was hidden under a fire place.

Mike & Ann said...

Hi, Ruth. I recorded my being shown a priest hole in the house of a friend in my blog of 20th January, 08. I know of another one concealed in a Deaney Tower quite near here. It's behind a secret door at the back of a cupboard. Both are very well made and concealed - I suppose they would be - their concealment would have been a matter of life or death to someone.