Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Break

The camping trip went very well. The rain we were promised never came and everyone was tucked in by 11 and quiet at 11.30 pm, which meant I got a solid 6 hours sleep before a solitary raven woke me with his call as he circled the camp.

Everybody in my charge made it home safe and sound, I just wish I could say the same for Miss T's teachers, who called me, as I was on the march home, to say she had fallen from the top of a see-saw whilst on a school outing.

Poor baby has bust the top of her right humerus on her first week at her new school. She's still amazing, no tears until today, 24 hours after the incident, as she starts to realize how handicapped she will be for the next few weeks. More x-rays on Tuesday will tell us more. Until then she is trying to keep as still as possible as there is no plaster holding the bone in place. The break was too high up.

She's not ready for photos yet so here's another sort of break.

And here's her little sister taking her own pictures.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Miss T has taken to riding. She used to come to the stables just to be with the cats, but now she wants to ride and Maya Pirya is her favourite. This was taken yesterday afternoon.

I can't tell you what they're giggling about, but I can say that the first shot here was not for publication. We are scouting out a location for camping next week when school starts. I'll be spending a night with 70 thirteen year olds not far from here, and Miss T and Strawberry will be at home keeping the man of the house in order.

We don't get waves very often in the small lake where the girls like to swim, but last weekend was an exception. They had great fun jumping them and being lifted by them once they were in a bit deeper. I was very tempted to join them, but the temperature put me off.

I haven't been posting very often this summer and now work has started I doubt I will have time to post more than I have, so I am setting myself a new goal. From now on I'll post once a week. If I get the time it might be more, but it won't be less.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scouting out

We've been testing our sails and picking wild strawberries while Miss T has been down south in Dalarna with the Scouts. Here she is eating one of the camp's specialities, a coconut toffee apple. She doesn't look very happy, but she claims that the only bad thing about her camping trip was that it came to an end!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Damp Disadvantages?

Worst of the wet weather is the increase in mosquitoes; there are two on the brim of Strawberry's hat.

As soon as there's a clear spell we try and get out, but the water level in the lakes is much higher than usual. The jetty the girls swim from is partially immersed and not only did we have to do a lot of bailing from the boat, but we also had to wade out to get to it. Still the fishing's good and three fine perch have been caught and eaten.

So I won't complain, just hand me the mosquito repellent!