Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot... well almost

This was actually taken a couple of weeks ago,

when we still had some snow left,

but the temperature and weather were about the same as today,
beautiful blue skies and around 20C.

This bronze is about 8o miles away from where I just spent the weekend. If you look in the same direction as the head you can just see it on the horizon. The trip was quite successful, I didn't lose any students this time, but four of them were not exactly whole when I returned them to their parents. Never the less we all enjoyed the excitement, and the cleaning lady very kindly took care of all the blood stains.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catching up slowly...

The pile of washing has now been reduced, but with only three weeks of term left I still have piles of marking and grading to keep up with, plus a school trip over the weekend. Lets hope I don't lose any this time.
This was taken last weekend when the temperature shot up to over 20 C. Since then it has snowed and hailed, nearly every day, but it was a beautiful weekend.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Snows almost gone!

Sorry, not much time for posting: mountains of marking and washing to do.
These were taken last weekend when I managed to escape from the mountains for a few minutes. Will be round to see you all, just as soon as the grades are set and the final class trip has been endured, in a couple of weeks time.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Valborg

We have four days off, so I am taking my marking and my washing out to the woods for a short break. There's an old wasboard somewhere in the barn that the girls might find fun. The saga of the washing machines (we have been through three washing machines in three weeks and I have a mountain of dirty laundry) can wait until we return, maybe by then the company involved will have returned my calls and e mails. The fireworks and the bonfire are always held on the last day of April here to welcome back the Spring. Hurray Spring is here!

The sun is out...

It's getting much warmer and the children are growing fast,
but I still haven't got a washing machine. We've been through three machines in three weeks.