Monday, August 20, 2012

A rough roof

 We started work weeks ago on the roof at the back of the barn. The old shingles were no longer doing their job and the planks underneath had to be replaced. We started off by mixing up 250 kilos of concrete to make a foundation for a new supporting post. Then we took off the old roof and discovered that the beams underneath were a bit soft on top. So we chiseled away the spongey bits and sandwiched the beams together with some fresh planks, lashings of wood oil and glue and a few nuts and bolts, the MOTH's idea.

Then we had to wait for a couple of dry days to nail on the new planks and cover it all up with two layers of tar paper and asphalt. Last Monday and Tuesday were dry, which was perfect as I started work again on the Wednesday.

This weekend we finished off with bargeboards and a splash of paint. Fingers crossed it will last the winter.

And the only thing I fell off was my bike as I dashed home for a quick lunch with the family on Thursday, skidded in some gravel and took the skin off my left elbow.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Summer time

 Me, up a ladder preparing to fix the barn, with the MOTH down below ready to catch me, which won't be necessary, as I have no intention of falling.

I have to finish painting the barn and fixing the roof on the outside poop house and only a week left to do it in, must get on. Summer time's too short!