Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clearing cupboards

We're moving in a week's time, not far, and I've got the whole of December to do it, but there's still a lot of clearing out to do. I didn't get far with my wardrobe, the silly hats were immediately adopted and the clothes that I have grown out of Miss T has grown into and wants to keep.


Lori Skoog said...

Nea...where are you moving? As I recall, you have a place in the country and one in the city. I can't imagine having to move....we have so much STUFF.
Hope all is well in Sweden. Check out my link ISHTAR's by Esther, a girl from Sweden who lives in Niger....great blog.

Mike & Ann said...

Hi Ruth, et allia, trust all's going well. At our last but one move, we were given a tip about downsizing :- do'nt think "Now, what shall we throw out?" Think "Now, what shall we keep?" I think that's very wise and applicable to downsizing, not so sure about upsizing, as I know you're doing. And talking about parting with stuff, I now have here a small toleware nutmeg box/grater for Karin. I think it dates from about 1820 or so. I think I'd better post it to you, as it will be a while till we're in your area, and probably ditto, vice versa, if you see what I mean.
Much love to all, as ever, Pa.

PI said...

Good luck with the move. We should - but can't take the stress.
Your girls have an innate chic ( that's chic as in France not cheek as in UK.)

Crowbard said...

I suspect they may have plenty of the UK kind as well Pi!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

got any pork pie hats you don't want?

vodka is good for the stress of moving (or anything else come to that)

Old Scrote said...

My son's rule of thumb about getting rid of stuff is this: if you haven't used it for a year, chuck it out. The only exceptions are irreplaceable objects like photographs and old love letters.
Wish I had his discipline!
Best of luck with the move.

PI said...

Nea: have your parents told you there is a new tec series with Kenneth Branagh, set in Sweden. In spite of dubious reports I have taped it and hope to watch it this afternoon. At least I'll see more of your country. Does Wallander ring a bell?

Nea said...

Hi Lori, I've had a quick look at Esther blog, it's amazing, and I'll definitely be visiting her again soon.

Thanks for the moving tips Ma,pa n Jake...I was intending to sort and bin stuff, but I'm getting to the stage now where it feels easier to just cart it all across to the new place and then sort it out there, where there's more space.

Manic, if I find any pork pie ones I'll let you know.

Crowbard, oddly "kind" is cheek in Swedish and yes they have plenty of it... and it seems to grow as they get bigger.

Pat, I did know, but not from my parents; they don't have a telly! I read about it on the BBC web site. Wallander is very well known here, the author grew up locally, although the Wallander books are set about 1000 km to the south of here, where it's warmer and flatter.