Friday, December 12, 2008

Nobel Dinner

Miss T dressed herself up on Wednesday for the Nobel Dinner at school, while I struggled to get my grading done on time. I think she made a great job of it, and I managed to finish the grading before the deadline.
I was sent these beautiful bloomers on Tuesday as a thank you for finding and returning a purse. They really brighten up the new kitchen window.


Lori Skoog said...
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Mike & Ann said...

That velvety dark red amarylis, contrasted with the icy filigree branches outside, looks stunning, as does Miss T. (as always).
Love, Pa.

Nea said...

Hi Lori, yes it is quite cold. Yesyerday it was 8F today it's warmer, 13F.
Thanks for Tina's adress, I saved it.

Tis most poetic Pa, thank you.

PI said...

Miss T is a bobby dazzler.
The colour of the flower against that background is just so beautiful.

Mike & Ann said...

Hi Nea. Been meaning to ask you. Miss T's Nobel dinner at school. I take it that it's to do with Alfred Nobel, of prize and dynamite fame ? Is it held at every school every year ? More details please.
Much Love, your insatiably curious Pa.

Nea said...

I like that Pat, a "bobby dazzler", I shall tell her. She'll be chuffed.

Pa, I don't know of any other schools that do it, just the school the girls attend and only for the two older classes. It has become a tradition and yes, they hold the dinner on the same evening as the Nobel prize giving ceremony and dinner held in Stockholm.