Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crashed computer

Last weekend my computer crashed for the last time, so I have had to take a break from blogging, but have now borrowed one to try and catch up. These picture was taken last Saturday. As an Easter treat we went downhill skiing in the mountains. It takes us an hour to drive up into these mountains, just under if we use the ice roads across the lake.

We stopped here, on an island, to buy a sack of potatoes, on the way home. The mountains we skied down can be seen in the background across the lake we have just driven across.

Turning a 180 degree angle this was the view to the east.



It all looks so clear and clean and fresh and beautiful.

I have gotta get outta this hell hole!

Hope yer pc's fixed soon. I find a hammer does the job. Doesn't fix it but it sure as hell won't break down again ;-)

Nea said...

4D, even without the hammer it won't be breaking down again. It's been dragging along for years and it was no surprise when it failed to boot up. It's heading for the dump!
In the mean time I get to borrow a lap-top from work, which isn't brilliant, but it's got the basics.

Mike & Ann said...

Hi, Ruth. As always it looks beautiful. Glad you could borrow a laptop. It has one obvious drawback, which is that only the top picture can be enlarged. Or am I missing something? Usually with me it's the obvious; can you advise ? Much love, Pa.

Nea said...

See what you mean about the pictures M&A,I've tried putting them up again and now 2 of them will enlarge, but not the others. I think it's probably Blogger playing up.

Lori Skoog said...

Glad that you are still looking at my journal. I have been going crazy uploading photos lately. Your photos from your ski trip are beautiful. I sent the email from Strawberry to Ariana, so hopefully she will write back and you will have her correct address at home. It amazes me how much you can learn about people by communicating this way. Thanks for staying in touch.

Nea said...

Hej Lori!
You're right, there is a lot to learn about people and places.
Visiting you is always a pleasure.

Lori Skoog said... are too kind. How is the weather there? I got an email from another woman in Sweden and she said that she and her daughter were out in the snow making snowhorses. All of our snow is gone and it has been 60 degrees for the past several days. The grass is starting to grow in the pastures, and the flowers are starting to pop up in many of the gardens.
This weather makes me very ambitious. Lori