Saturday, March 01, 2008

Red houses?

This house isn't , but a lot of the houses here are painted red with white details.
The red paint used was originally a bi-product from the copper mines.
The red provides a contrast to the evergreen forests that surround us, as the luminous green of this house does to the dark blue sky. This is not it's usual colour, it had been lit up as part of a light show that was put on here in town. It was pretty amazing.


Lori Skoog said...

Nea...I thought I was leaving you a comment on your blog and it went to mine. Check it when you get a chance. My husband sent you a note last night, did you get it? We have a lot in common. I like the photo of your green house.

PI said...

Terrific contrast to the snow. We could do with more colour to leaven the endless grey in the winter months.


The last time I saw a house looking like this was around '79 but it wasn't due to lights ;-)

Nea said...

Lori, I don't think I got his comment, but if he left it on an earlier post, I might not have seen it. The green house is normally yellow with white details, it's the local tourist office.

Pat, in Suffolk the houses are sometimes painted brightly, Suffolk pink. Is there no Somerset pink?

4D, are you seriously trying to tell us that you have behaved yourself for the last 29 years?

PI said...

The earth is red near here and there are lovely pink and gold colours in the summer but it is the leaden grey of the skies that oppress sometimes.
There is a local reddish stone which some of the houses and official buildings are built of. Houses are generally painted white or cream.

Nea said...

Pat, the sky has been dark grey here all dag too.