Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sending love

Miss T. and I held up the skiing traffic on this bridge up in the mountains trying to make a heart shape between us. She's already almost as tall as I am and we can wear the same shoes.
I am having a weekend away this weekend. It's the first time I've left them, and they can't wait for me to go, which makes it easier for me.
I'll be back late Sunday evening.


Mike & Ann said...

Hi Nea. Found meself wondering where you were going on this mysterious 'weekend away', then realised I knew. Hope it's a good one. Give our love to anyone you see who we might know. Much love, the parents. And, of course, to all yours at home. And, of course again, to you.

PI said...

Do both of you a power of good. Enjoy!

jIhAd PuNk said...

Now that is sweet. Have a good weekend babe x

Nea said...

Thanks M&A, it was wicked. I think I let my hair down. I have 3 sins to confess father: Glenfiddich (I'm getting fussy as I get older), gambling ( a fiver on "Comply or Die" to win at 8 to 1 in the Grand National without a clue, just thought it was a funny name!) and glamour (had my hair cut and blow-dried and looked gorgeous...from behind).

Pat, it has. I came back feeling ready for anything, inspite of very little sleep, and my MOTH managed the children, meals and shopping without a hitch.

jihad punk, I see 4D in the dark and it hurts to see you there. Come back soon 4D xxx

Mike & Ann said...

Hi Daughter. Your efforts in backing the winner in the National suggest that you've inherited some of the family skills. Grandpa H. would have been proud of you. Yes, I too am missing 4D's pithy comments. Very restrained sort of chap that Jihad Punk. Much love Pa.