Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Milk Mustache


Mike & Ann said...

There is some slight family likeness (about the upper lip) between your younger daughter and her maternal grandpapa. Tell her I think it looks very distinguished. Or (your version when I started to go grey round the edges) rather extinguished. Love, Pa.

Nea said...

Yes, all white Pa!

Crowbard said...

Dear Miss S. I always thought Strawberry and cream were an ideal combination.
You wear that moustache with such gravitas and elan that I am convinced you will start a new vogue in feminine cosmeticality.
Superb photo Pooh.

Nea said...

Dear GUC, I shall pass your kind compliments on.

All the photos here are taken with the camera on my phone; it is half Swedish, which might explain things.