Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow monster!

Can you see the snow monster's hands coming over the fence?
It's half term here, so we'll be spending some time shoveling snow.


Mike & Ann said...

Obviously a Swedish Yetti is about to leap over your fence. Or perhaps the Great Lake Monster has slithered up the hill, wintered in your car park, and is now about
The word verification word is; fatriate
(which completes my sentence nicely.
Love, Pa.

Lori Skoog said...

I can see the hands! We have bare ground for the moment, while the northeast is covered with snow all along the coast. Our temperatures have been FRIGID, and believe me....we have done our share of shoveling this winter.
Hope all is well over there.

Casdok said...

Eeek! You do have a snow monster!

Crowbard said...

I think the monster's name is D'Artagnon - he appears to be fencing!
Foiled again!

Crowbard said...

Changed my mind.
It's not a monster it's a drunken pianist who's just been thrown out of a pub still hanging onto his keyboard for which he has just developed an inordinate friendship.
"Z'nofair! 'm not goin wizhout m'besht pal!"

Anonymous said...

Snow! Beautiful snow! Interestingly enough, we had snow up in the alpine regions yesterday. Last week half the state's on fire, this week it's snowing. I don't get it.

PI said...

I was going to spell Yeti with one T but Mike and Ann got there first. I didn't know you had them in Sweden.

Nea said...

Hi M&A, good to hear you're home again and haven't worn out the new P-jammies.

Hi Lori, we're all fine, but we had well over a meter of snow to clear from rooves etc.

Always good to see you around Cas, it hopefully means that you have managed to find a little time for yourself.

GUC, quietly, he might hear you and take ... er...um..bridge?

Hej Miss D.
Du svarade på en fråga jag hade, om ni får snö i Australien? This will probably look very strange, but it just says that I was just about to ask if you don't get snow in Australia sometimes... and then you answered my question for me before I'd even asked it...tack!

As far as I know Pat, this is the first recorded example. Otherwise, it's our lake monster that gets all the attention.

Crowbard said...

Glory be and Allelujah!
I just had to tell you, the v-word is Hosan - I wonder what happened to the - nah!

Nea said...

I think it's in Exchelsis, GUC.
I used to think that had something to do with Chelsea, but maybe it's somewhere just outside, near Hammarsmith or Chisick maybe...nah...maybe not.