Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ice scream

You'd think that with all this snow and ice they wouldn't want more, but that's what they chose instead of Saturday sweets, and then complained that their ice pops were cold!
Half term holidays are now over. Back to school tomorrow.


Mike & Ann said...

Freja would have done well in silent pictures - no need for subtitles. In the first picture she is saying "Coo! cor! Look what Mummie's just bought me". In the second she is aying "Oooooooh. Isn't it cold, though." Very expressive.
Love, Pa.

PI said...

She always puts a smile on my face:)

Crowbard said...

Hi Pooh,
Happy Birthday Strawberry, I've sent you an e-card but I think your Mama's inbox may be full!
e-mails are coming back with undeliverable notices.

v-word = begudge
and I wouldn't beg(r)udge you anything!

Nea said...

Not while she's awake and at home she wouldn't Pa'n'Ma, if she's not talking she's singing. She's only ever silent in school and asleep. Not that we're complaining, most of what is said makes sense and the singing is pretty.

Thanks Pat, that will please her. When she was 3 or 4, she wanted to be a clown when she grew up.

Thanks GUC, I'll check it out. Could be an over full mail box, or an over worked pedagogue who hasn't been checking her mail... sorry.