Thursday, June 21, 2007

A pantheistical post

Playing around with sticks and stones,
or drifting with driftwood,
near one of our local hydroelectric power stations,
while sprogs party on at American friend's house.
Hopefully that's what they were invited to do.
We have a problem hearing the difference
between their "party" and their "potty".


PI said...

Those are superior to anything Tracy Emin puts together. Exhibition stuff!

Nea said...

Thanks Pat! You can buy it if you like, just 495 000 Euros, but you'll have to come and fetch it and I can't promise that it is still standing. I had fun trying to get it to stay up in the wind that was coming across the water.

I like the way our eyes fool us into recognising forms. I could see a horse and the god, Thor or maybe it was Oden or Frej, sitting astride a stick. I also love the smoothness of driftwood. And there is still a big kid in me that likes playing around with stick and stones, especially when there is water nearby. I might try and get it to float next time.