Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dancing around the maypole

It is called a "maj stang" in Swedish, which translates as maypole in English,
but here it is always danced around in June not May.
Not always to this tune:

But often to this tune:


Mike & Ann said...

Thank you VERY MUCH for that. We do wish we had been with you this year. We have always thoroughly enjoyed letting our hair down, and playing the goat at Midsummer. Thoroughly un english I suppose, but it does us good. Much love, The Parents.

Nea said...

Not suggesting that we were playing the goat I trust, 'cause they was frogs not goats.

We missed u 2, but the union jack is flying together with gr-annies hand-sewn Swedish towel flag and this year we also managed to dig out the flag of the Republic of Jemtland. Together the three flags make a colourful display.