Sunday, August 09, 2015

Saturday morning 7.30 Stockholm


Mike and Ann said...

That's a handsome vehicle, Nea; but I don't remember seeing double decker buses in Stockholm ?

Pat said...

It is a very big bus

Crowbard said...

Hi Pooh,
I note you still have a link to my old Crowbard blog-spot. I'm afraid I abandoned it ~ it seems to have been infested by a Malaysian company. I now run a blog called Carl's Curios to be found at:-
Carl. (of the avuncular persuasion)

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Ruth. Mummy sends her love to all.
I've just spotted the fact that there's a troll (or something of similar size) running for the 'bus. Did he make it do you know, and why have I only just seen him?