Saturday, January 09, 2016

Stuck in the frozen North

We've had a mild winter so far, that is until just over a week ago when the temperature plummeted to below -20 C and stayed there. Fortunately we're in town so we've got shops close by, but our tree is out in the countryside and we can't take it down until we can get the car started again. But, if we follow Swedish traditions, we're alright, here we dance out Christmas on the twentieth day, tjugonde Knut, or 13th January, so we still have a few days to go and it's not too late to wish you all
God forts├Ąttning
That is, have a continued good holiday,
Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 :)


Pat said...

Gosh that tree looks good enough to eat - or am I just deprived?
A Happy, Healthy 2016 to you and yours - wherever they are.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi, Larssons. In weather like that, I'd have a hot scotch, a hot bottle, and hibernate until spring.
This morning we spotted some bees out, so I made up a cracker joke :-

What do bees do in the wintertime ?

They hivernate.