Friday, August 01, 2008


I want to look like this at 63. They started playing at quarter to one in the morning and didn't finish until well after two with The Tide is High. We didn't get Debbie Harry's shoes, which she threw into the crowd, but we got one of Clem's drum sticks...

...beautifully caught by Clayton, it will be on its way to England tomorrow.

It was our second drumstick of the evening, we got one from local gothic rock band Myrah earlier in the evening.

We all rolled safely into bed at 5 am. I've been instructed to wake the two teens at 2 pm as they have to pack before the train leaves just before nine.

Right now we are in the middle of a partial eclipse of the sun, maybe I should wake them up early so they don't miss it;)


Lori Skoog said... wild woman! Who are the two teens from England? Glad to see a post from you.

Mike & Ann said...

Well held Sir.

Crowbard said...

I usually drop them
....fiddlesticks & butterfingers!!!

PI said...

I think Blondie is great - both as a singer and a person. Lucky you!

Nea said...

Hi Lori,
When we returned from "Gt." Gran's 100th birthday party we brought two 16 year old nieces back with us. My big sister's 2nd and my baby sister's 1st born.

M&A, it was an impressive catch.

Crowbard, me too. I'm sure the drummer threw it at me, I was making the most noise, but still I didn't have a chance. Good job this kind gentleman was standing right behind me, he handed it over to one of the nice neices.

Pat, she was amazing and it was fantastic to hear live songs I'd listened to in my teens.