Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This one is for my nice nieces, who left us on Saturday, after surviving 3 weeks spent partly in a tiny appartment or in a small house in the middle of nowhere together with a sick uncle, 2 terrorizing younger cousins and a nagging aunt. The amazing thing is, it was actually good fun, but I think they were glad to return home. The girls and I followed them down to Stockholm on the train and spent a few days there. More pictures from that trip soon.


Mike & Ann said...

Travel is said to broaden the mind. And I think the Swedish holiday will have formed a special bond between the two cousins (and between them and their Swedish cousins, hopefully) that will stay in all their memories in years to come. I think it will have done them both good. Much love to you all, your grateful Pa.

PI said...

The girls look nice and make me look forward to my teenagers coming soon.
If I'm very good please may I have a toy soldier just like the one in the photo?

Nea said...

M&A, they're threatening to come back next year ;-)

Pat, you'll have to join the queue, behind me, the two teens and my two girls, apparently he is "buff" and a "snap". But you are more than welcome to enjoy the photo all you want.

Mike & Ann said...

I take it you meant to say 'offering' ?????? Pa.