Friday, January 11, 2008

Rough crossing

We crossed the North Sea the weekend before Christmas.
The calm was broken by a very scary children's entertainer
who made terrifying balloon creatures that burst in the middle of the night.
Top: Felixstowe
Middle: Harwich
Bottom: T-t-t-tarantula in the bathroom



Pleeeease say the spider didn't burst!!!!

Beauuuuuutiful spider!!!

ta for't visit to me dark side babe.

Light's better eh? x

Nea said...

Sorry 4D, the spider burst one leg at a time.Yes, light's better, but to understand I still have to know about the dark side.

Mike & Ann said...

Your oldest daughter looks like a silent film star in the shot in the bathroom with a rubber tarantula. What a pity they've stopped making silent films.Warm regards, the parents.

Nea said...

Hi parents, when do you think they will invent silent children?

PI said...

I like the irony:)