Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good trip

We drove down through the night stopping here on the way for a couple of hours sleep. I couldn't say exactly where it is, because we had taken a wrong turn, (my fault, I was reading the map, which in my defence was ancient, 1980's, and the road numbers had all changed). But it was a few miles north of Carl Larsson's home, which could be anywhere because everyone, almost, is called Carl Larsson, but I mean Carl Larsson the artist.

We also saw a tripple rainbow on the way down, between the double rainbow, arching up from the trees at a different angle, if you enlarge the photo, you can see a third rainbow.
We took it as a good sign.


Ed Clayton said...

Do you think the ISO shipping containers are full of Gold? You may have missed a trick there...

Mike & Ann said...

Hi Ed. With three rainbows in view it increases the chances of finding the crock, doesn't it ? It might be worth fitting out an expedition - only Ruth's being very cagey about the location, so she's probably thought of that ???

Nea said...

Hello Ed, love the Gran on Facebook group. Hope the next post explains why we didn't stop.

M&A, it's the rainbows that were acting shifty if you ask me, springing up in all directions.

Ed Clayton said...

Hello Cousin that is married to a Swede,

Enjoying your blog also, didn't realise you had one - but now I think I need to limit how many I check!!!

I have subscribed to Uncle Mike's RSS feed - but there isn't the option to do so on yours. The good thing about it is it means I can check to see which of my favourite blogs have new posts.

If you're happy to change your settings it would mean I will be able check your blog more regularly. All you need to do is go to Settings>Site Feed and then set allow blog feeds to full.

Thanks! Happy Blogging!


P.S. Reasoning for not stopping at the "shifty rainbows" understood. Hope there weren't too many arrests over "sharps" at the airport!

PI said...

I once wrote a story about a woman trying to reach the crock. I think she drowned.

Nea said...

Er Ed, blog feeds was set at full.
Have changed a couple of other things, like not hiding my back feed?, But I don't think that will help.

Pat, I'd like to read that story.

Ed Clayton said...

Not sure why I can subcribe to your feed then.... Never mind, I will just have to check it the old fashioned way!

Thanks for trying anyway.

Ed Clayton said...
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