Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday, scenes from the lake

An ice sculpture entitled "MAN I IS"

If you look carefully Thommee the boat can be seen in the distance.

Late afternoon activity on the ice.


Mike & Ann said...

My computer sends its congratulations to your computer on it swift recovery since its noisy episode of ill health on 14th. We (my computer and I) trust that all is now well with your computer's private insides ? Family regards from us both to our distant connexions (you both). Pa (and computer).

PI said...

I can't see if anyone is wearing dark glasses.


Can we borrow some snow? Please? It's bloody freezing over here. I wouldn't mind if it looked like that.

PI said...

Oh yes you would 4d - after a week or so:)

Old Scrote said...

Beautiful scenes, and better than the freezing fog we've been having out here on the East Anglian fens. Mind you, it's gone mild again, which I really prefer cos I can work outside building more owl boxes (What else?)

Nea said...

Ma+Pa, sorry to say that the machine is still making strange sounds. We are not expecting it to be around much longer and are preparing for the worst.

We'll all be in dark glasses soon PI, as the sun gets higher there's quite a glare from all the snow and ice.

4D and PI, I keep trying to convince my family that winter here feels warmer than in England, once the lake has frozen the air becomes much drier and you don't get that damp cold that you have at home. And the mixture of snow and sun in the spring is brilliant.

Good luck with the "fågelholkar"! (Swedish for birdboxes for Jake the linguist)

I'll be round to you all soon, once I've finished some more marking.