Sunday, February 03, 2008

The blues

It is getting lighter, slowly.
And for all of you who don't get a cake,
how about some buns instead?
These are typical Swedish cinnamon ones.

If the buns aren't enough the next post may be sent from our bomb shelter,
yes we really do have one.
It's another typical Swedish thing,
most buildings have bomb shelters built underneath.


Mike & Ann said...

Very nice they are, too, your Swedish cinamon buns. And I'm sorry to have to say it, but not a patch on a good sticky English Chelsea bun. Especially the ones from FitzBillies in Cambridge that you have to take a spoon to. Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

PI said...

I love the flavour of cinnamon and put it on porridge.

Nea said...

Sorry M&A, the Chelsea ones are too sweet for me.

Pat, cinnamon on porridge is delicious, we often have it here too, in fact that's what we ate for breakfast this morning, I also put it on yoghurt.