Sunday, December 16, 2007

Insect imitation


Mike & Ann said...

Obviously a fruit fly. I remember making her mother 'orrible looking false teeth from orange peel. Perhaps I shall again this coming festive season. If requested. Much love, Pa.

Crowbard said...

Much too big for drosophila melanogaster Mike, I think it's an 'orrible ancient extra-terrestrial alien from ye planette Blogge - I'm quite scared with only the North Sea and Norway between us. If you look carefully at the proboscis you will see a nasty zit - suggesting it may be a teen-age alien - the very worst sort!

PI said...

I hope you are enjoying the carols. I seem to have picked them up whilst visiting blogs and they won't stop. Help!

Nea said...

Pat, I can't hear any, but I'll drop by and keep my ears open.

Crowbard and M&A, be aware, this insect stings. She claims she's a wasp. But she claims a lot of things, such as:
"The Prime Minister of England is God"

"No it isn't!"
(All thinking she's really lost the plot)

"Yes it is....
God 'n' Brown"

R. Sherman said...


Thanks for the comment at Pat's about the tent(s). I've popped into their site and checked it out. The AKTO looks like something I'd go for. Alas, it's sold out until January.


Nea said...

The AKTO is very popular and difficult to get hold of even here in their home town.
Try again in January!